California NanoSystems Institute
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January 12, 2010 - The CEIN is organizing several outreach events in conjunction with the California Science Center for NanoDays & invites any CNSI members who are interested to participate... If you are interested, please contact Catherine Nameth directly (contact info below).

  • Saturday, January 30: UCLA undergraduates & CEIN/CNSI-affiliated graduate students to CA Science Center for a co-training with Museum staff to prepare for NanoDays 2010. 10am-1pm.
  • Saturday, February 27: CEIN/CNSI-affiliated faculty and postdocs to CA Science Center to assist Museum staff in preparing for NanoDays 2010. 10am-1pm.
  • Saturday, April 3: NanoDays 2010 Event at CA Science Center (All day). CEIN/CNSI-affiliated students, postdocs, faculty will choose a 2- or 3-hour shift.
  • Saturday, April 24: "Nanotechnology: Small is Big!" CEIN Outreach event at Santa Monica Public Library. 2-3:30pm.
More volunteers-students, postdocs, faculty-are needed. Contact Catherine for details (

Catherine Nameth
Education & Outreach Coordinator
UC Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology (CEIN)
University of California, Los Angeles
6520 CNSI Building, 570 Westwood Plaza
Box 957227
Los Angeles, CA 90095-7227

(310) 983-3243 phone
(310) 983-3165 fax

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